Free Printable Fall Nature Journaling for Kids

Don’t you just love Fall? The weather is perfect! Not too hot and not too cold, it’s the best time to get outdoors and enjoy nature. This Fall, you can incorporate all kinds of fun Fall Nature Journaling for Kids lessons at home and in the classroom. Start a weekly nature walk, spend time outdoors noticing the changing weather and falling leaves.

fall nature journaling for kids surrounded by twigs and leaves with text: Free Printable Autumn Nature JournalingThis school year, think about starting a nature journal with your kids! Fall Nature journaling for Kids is a fun way to explore the natural world with kids in a more intentional way.

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Your kids can use this free printable to keep tabs on all the wonderful things they notice outside this season. You might be surprised by what they observe. Keep reading to discover even more fun nature study ideas and get your own nature journaling page for kids.

Fall Nature Study Ideas

Fall is the perfect season to begin a nature study with your little learners. You can help kids begin to explore and learn about the world around them with these nature journaling printables. Here are some more great ideas for Fall nature study:

Natural Process Art

Process art projects are one of my favorite activities to do with little learners. Kids can learn so much just by exploring different tools and techniques creatively. Process art is all about the process of creating, not the finished product.

To incorporate nature study in your lessons this Fall, consider starting a natural process art project. Begin with natural elements. Acorns, leaves, twigs, grass, and wildflowers are a great beginning to any nature study.

Encourage your kids to recreate a scene from nature or use their natural elements to form animals and insects they saw during nature study. You can use the spaces on this Fall nature journaling page to create miniature natural art projects too.

Play Outdoor Games

Sometimes kids need a little encouragement to become outdoor explorers. You can facilitate nature study with young children by spending time outdoors regularly. Read stories outdoors on a picnic blanket or porch swing and carry art projects outdoors when possible.

Another way to encourage outdoor play is by teaching kids outdoor games. Something as simple as jumping in a pile of fallen leaves can be just the thing to get kids excited about nature study. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! You can use outdoor games like jumping in leaves to teach your kids how to use a rake, about the life cycle of a tree, and all the animals and insects that make their homes among the fallen leaves this season.

Nature Treasure Box

One of my favorite Fall nature study ideas is to begin a nature treasure box with your kids. Start collecting a few natural elements each time you go outdoors. Pebbles or rocks from a walk in the woods, wildflowers from your yard, even seeds and nuts make great natural “treasures.” Give kids a special place to keep all the treasures they find during nature study.

Then, encourage your little learners to study their treasures and record what they learn with these free printable nature journaling pages. There’s so much to learn and having a tangible element can really help get kids excited about exploring nature this Fall.

Fall Nature Journals

Another fun way to learn about local plants and animals is with a nature journal. This Fall is the perfect time to start a new nature journal with your little explorers. You can use these printable pages to create a handmade journal for nature study your kids will get excited about this Fall.

Kids can add seeds and wildflowers they find to their fall nature journaling pages for kids. We like to take our Fall nature journals along when we hike through the woods. Bringing colored pencils and pens can help get kids excited about recording everything they see in nature this Fall.

Another way to encourage nature study is by giving kids cameras to snap photos of all the cool things they’re observing. Then, add their own snapshots to these nature journaling pages.

Have you tried geocaching? Geocaching involves searching for small treasures hidden in nature by others. Once you find the geocache, you can hide it again.

Usually, there is a small piece of paper to record your name and the date you found it. It’s a super fun treasure hunt that can help get reluctant kids excited about nature study. Plus, it’s a great way to explore local areas you might not have noticed before.

How do you plan to use these fall nature journaling for kids printables with your little explorers this Fall? I can’t wait to read about your Fall learning journey, so don’t forget to share your ideas in the comments. Then, check out the nature journaling pages I’ve created for Spring, Summer, and Winter too:

Fall Nature Journaling for Kids

Fall Observations printable surrounded by leaves and twigs

Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids.

I hope you enjoy using these nature journaling for kids printables with your little kids as much as I enjoyed creating them with mine.

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fall nature journaling for kids surrounded by twigs and leaves with text: Free Printable Autumn Observations