Fall Drawing for Kids

Encourage creativity and build important early learning skills with these Fall Drawing for Kids printables. Get yours today!

collage of fall how to draw worksheets with text: Autumn Theme Autumn How to DrawI’m so excited to share these new printable Fall Drawing for Kids activity pages! These printables are perfect for getting creative with your little learners at home, in the classroom, or while learning virtually this Fall.

I’ve included lots of directed drawing pages with creative writing prompts in this printable bundle for your little learners to explore this season.

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These drawing for kids pages will help your kids practice following directions, explore their own creativity, build confidence, and practice handwriting skills as they learn to draw apples, acorns, and so much more. Want to learn more about using directed drawing in your preschool and kindergarten lessons this Fall? Keep reading for great ideas. Then, get your own printable Fall Drawing for Kids worksheets.

How to Use These Fall Drawing Pages

Drawing is a lot of fun, so it can be a bit challenging to see drawing for the versatile learning activity that it can be. However, I challenge you to consider adding directed drawing to your preschool and kindergarten lesson plans this Fall with these themed drawing pages.

These directed drawing pages will help your little learners build confidence. Before you know it, they’ll be using the skills they’ve learned to draw their own ideas. It’s so exciting to watch them bring their imagination to life on paper!

Kids will quickly get used to expressing themselves through drawing and creative writing. Plus, your little learners will be building these important early learning skills along the way:

  • Pre-writing Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Handwriting Practice
  • Grammar and Spelling

More Directed Drawing for Kids

Ready to explore even more directed drawing activities with your kids this Fall? Check out these fun ways to incorporate creative drawing into your lessons:

  • Encourage little learners to answer questions with a drawing rather than answering verbally
  • Read The Dot* by Peter H. Reynolds or Harold and the Purple Crayon* by Crockett Johnson to encourage your kids to explore their own creativity and imagination.
  • Use directed drawing to help your preschool and kindergarten learners build early literacy skills. Reinforce your little learner’s understanding of the letter A as they draw the apples on these directed drawing printables and practice writing the letter A in the space provided.
  • Build numeracy skills with these Fall printables by drawing and counting acorns on the acorn drawing page. Then, practice writing 1 to 10 in the space provided on the worksheet.

Keep scrolling to get your own Fall drawing activities for kids to use at home or in the classroom this season. Then, check out more directed drawing printables for early learners:

Fall Drawing for Kids

Fall Drawing for Kids Worksheets
Get your Fall Drawing for Kids via Teachers Pay Teachers.

Includes 10 directed drawing printables with creative writing prompts. Keep reading for ideas to use these printable activities with your little kids.

These Fall Directed Drawing printables are perfect for homeschool or distance learning.

The directed drawing prompts are meant to encourage creative thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills which are important for little kids.

A lot of the ideas involve imaginative thinking, so be sure to encourage your little kids to be as creative as possible.

Preschoolers and kindergartners can dictate their story to you while older kiddos can write their own.

These directed drawing printables also work well for copy work. Write the story your little kids dictate to you on the printable, then let them use their very own special composition notebook to draw the picture, create a scene, and then copy their story.

This is a digital product. You will receive a secured PDF only. Due to the terms of the clip art used, this product is not editable.

I hope you love using it with your little kids as much as I loved creating it with mine!

collage of fall how to draw worksheets with text: Autumn Theme Autumn Drawing for Kids

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