Free Printable Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

Check out these cute Easter bunny coloring pages! Little kids will love the adorable clip art and of course, they’re perfect for your next Easter theme. Preschoolers and kindergartners will have the opportunity to practice fine motor skills while learning about the holiday. Get your free coloring pages today!

Free Printable Easter Bunny Color Pages with text: Preschool Easter Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages Get Your Freebies!Are your little kids excited about Easter? Mine for sure are. The little guy has been talking about it for weeks! He even picked out an adorable polo shirt that matches baby girl’s dress. There’s not a doubt that he’s my kid. I just love pictures of the kids in bright Spring colors all dressed up for Easter Sunday. And of course these Free Printable Easter Bunny Coloring Pages are a great way to entertain them for the rest of the afternoon.

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This year, my kids are fascinated by the Easter bunny. They have so many questions about how it all works! So, I’m capitalizing on that interest with these easy Easter bunny coloring pages little learners are sure to love. These pages are the perfect addition to a preschool or kindergarten Easter lesson. Keep scrolling to get your own printable Easter coloring pages today.

Build Preschool Fine Motor Skills

Use Easter coloring pages to build fine motor skills like pencil grip and control with preschool learners and practice handwriting skills with kindergartners by tracing the word “Easter.” It’s also a great way to practice early letter recognition, phonics, and even reading with little ones who are ready (or almost ready) to read.

Here are some other great activities to add to your Easter themed lessons:

  • Hop like a rabbit! Mark a path on the floor using tape or Easter stickers.  Then direct preschoolers or kindergartners to hop like rabbits from one spot to the next along the path. In this way, you’ll be building gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills on the same day!
  • Get up and dance! Another great way to build fine motor skills and coordination while having fun is to get students moving. Getting kids up and out of their desks or away from the table is important. Movement gets the blood pumping and that means more brain activity which is a great way to start a lesson so, consider playing a fun Easter-themed learning song and get students involved in singing and dancing along before you sit down to color. My kids love songs from The Learning Station. We are particularly excited about their Easter version of Boom Chicka Boom.
  • Easter Finger Play! Want more ways to build up finger muscles for future writers? Try a finger play. Fingerplays are fun ways to build fine motor skills and give early learners time to practice using the finger muscles they’ll need for handwriting later on. Finger plays are also a really great way to practice memory skills with preschoolers and kindergartners. Little Bunny Foo Foo just happens to be my favorite finger play and it’s perfect for Easter. My kids giggle with delight every time we sing it.
  • Practice math skills too. These adorable Easter coloring pages are perfect for building early language arts skills by practicing fine motor skills and handwriting. But what about math? For a fun Easter bunny themed math activity, grab some marshmallow bunny shaped Peeps in a variety of colors and let your early learners practice patterns. Start a pattern and let your preschooler help you choose the right marshmallows to finish the task or give a kindergartner a handful of different colored Peeps and let them create their own pattern.

However you choose to incorporate these easy to use printable Easter bunny coloring pages, I know your little learners will have fun learning skills that will last a lifetime while they decorate their very own colorful bunnies.

I can’t wait to hear your ideas for using these pages in the comments. Happy Easter, friends!

Free Printable Easter Bunny Coloring PagesEaster Bunny Coloring Pages

There are 3 free printable Easter coloring pages included.

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages Boy Easter Bunny Coloring Pages Tracing
You’ll receive a boy bunny wearing a rain jacket and boots, a bunny with the word Easter for your little learners to trace, as well as a girl bunny with bows in her hair.

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages Girl

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Free Printable Easter Bunny Color Pages with text: Preschool Easter Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages Get Your Freebies!