Free Printable Patterns Easter Activity Sheets

These Easter activity sheets are an excellent way to help preschool and kindergarten learners practice recognizing and completing patterns. Grab your preschool worksheets today! 

Free Printable Easter Patterns Preschool Worksheets with text: Preschool Easter Free Printable Patterns Easter Activity SheetsCheck out these new Patterns Easter Activity Sheets I’ve created for practicing patterns with little learners! These pages will help your preschool and kindergarten-aged kids practice identifying and completing patterns in a fun way this Easter season. 

Why is it important to recognize patterns?  The ability to recognize and create patterns gives us the ability to make predictions based on our observations. It’s a really important early math skill for young learners to grasp.

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Understanding patterns helps to prepare children for learning more complex number concepts later on. Patterns can help children see the relationships between numbers, a math skill they’ll need in later years.

These Easter activity sheets also allow early learners to practice important fine motor skills like cutting and pasting which will help to build the muscles they’ll need for handwriting. Plus, these sheets are a lot of fun! Completing patterns is really satisfying.

Easter Egg Activities for Preschoolers

For added Easter fun, try these Easter-themed math activities:

  • Sort plastic Easter eggs into baskets by color. This will help children practice color recognition as well as sorting skills. Then, have children identify which basket has the most eggs, the least, etc. For more advanced learners, count the eggs in each basket and make a graph using the information gathered.
  • Write numbers 1-10 on plastic eggs or hide numbered papers inside. Hide the eggs around the room or garden. Then, have children find all the eggs containing a certain number. Finally, once all the eggs have been gathered, help children to arrange the eggs in number order. This will help build number recognition skills and help early learners practice number order. 

Ready to add Easter pattern practice activity sheets to your learning plans? 

Patterns Easter Activity Sheets
Patterns Easter Activity Sheets

Patterns Easter Activity Sheets 1 Patterns Easter Activity Sheets 2
Keep in mind that all preschoolers and kindergartners do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids.

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Free Printable Easter Patterns Preschool Worksheets with text: Preschool Easter Free Printable Patterns Easter Activity Sheets

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