Creative Space Bootcamp – Week 12. Wrapping Things Up

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Welcome to week 12 of Creative Space Bootcamp. This is it! This week, we’re wrapping things up. We’re going to talk about decorating our creative spaces as well as how to keep everything organized.

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Can you believe it? This is the last week of this challenge, y’all! By this point, you should be just about there. And if not, you should at least know exactly what direction you’re headed in.

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It’s actually been a kinda productive week around here. The little guy and I have gotten a lot done in the studio. Obviously, the majority of it was while baby girl was napping. But a creative mama’s gotta do what a creative mama’s gotta do, right?

There are still quite a few things on my creative space to-do list, though. After all, I just had a baby a few weeks ago. But you know what? That’s okay. Here’s the thing. If you got distracted during this challenge and you didn’t accomplish quite as much as you had hoped, then definitely keep going.

I’m willing to bet that in a few weeks, the studio will look all kinds of awesome. And I’m sure the same is true for you and your creative space too. You’ve totally got this, mama!

If there’s anything that I can do to help you, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can always tag me in the Facebook group or even send me an email. Happy organizing, y’all!

embellishments organized in divided tray
Here’s what my creative space to-do list looks like after week 12.

My Creative Space To-Do List

Planning Your Creative Space

  • Do a quick rearrange and reorganize of the little guy’s space
  • Organize all of the little guy’s books
  • Move the sensory toys and the other children’s table out onto the deck
  • Clean off all of my workspaces

Paper + Projects

  • Sort through the little guy’s toys
  • Decide how I want to organize patterned paper
  • Organize my wire rack
  • Take a few minutes and check out the scrap situation


  • Sort through each of the pink and black baskets full of embellishments
  • Find a permanent home for all of my washi tape
  • Do a quick once-over of my small embellishment jars

Tools + Supplies

  • Sort through everything that’s in the wooden organizer on my desk

Pocket Pages + Planners

  • Find a permanent home for my Project Life tray
  • Organize all of my Project Life core kits

Art Journals + Ephemera

  • Go through everything that’s in the cube storage unit
  • Sort through the little guy’s art work and decide what to keep for his portfolio
  • Organize my bible journaling cart

Mixed Media + Supplies

  • Sort through each of the pink and black baskets that are full of art supplies
  • Reorganize all of my spray inks and make sure they all work
  • Sort through Copics and mixed media + art journaling supplies that are on my workspace
  • Wipe off masks and templates and check binder rings

Ideas + Inspiration

  • Do a quick once-over of my personal Pinterest boards

All Things Digital

  • Organize digital photos on my laptop
  • Clean camera equipment
  • Make sure that all photos are backed up

Jewelry Making + Metal Stamping

  • Organize beads into clear screw-top containers

Sewing, Quilting, & Yarn

  • Sort through sewing cart
  • Wipe off sewing machine

Wrapping Things Up

  • Decide whether or not to get rugs for this space
  • Sand and paint the table and chairs

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