Creative Space Bootcamp – Week 1. Planning Your Creative Space

Welcome to Creative Space Bootcamp, y’all! Are you ready to have some fun? It’s definitely going to be a summer to remember.

First things first, we’re going to work on Planning Your Creative Space. This week is the foundation of everything else that you’re going to do.

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Take your time and really think about what you want in a creative space. You know, because let’s be realistic. Most of us would rather make stuff than organize it. Let’s get this right the first time.

Your assignment for this week is to evaluate your current space and start planning what changes you’d like to make. To help you with that, I’m going to share my entire process. Are you ready to get started?

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Planning Your Creative Space

Intro – Let’s Get This Party Started 
What to expect from The 52 Weeks Challenge & Free Printables

Week 1 – Take A Look Around
Spend some time thinking about it. What do you have versus what do you want?

Week 2 – Do Something Creative
Make something. Pay attention to your process. What’s working and what’s not?

Week 3 – Makin’ A List
Write down what you love and what you hate, what you need and what you want.

Week 4 – Putting It All Together
Take everything you’ve done thus far and put together a plan for your new space.

I took over a dozen photos of the studio at its absolute worst and I encourage you to do the same.

This space has definitely become more of a multipurpose space and especially in the last year or so. I had the little guy, accepted a full-time work-at-home position, started remodeling the downstairs, and then found out that we were expecting baby girl, so…

Life has changed. And realistically, I don’t spend anywhere near as much time creating as what I did a few years ago. A lot of what we’re using this space for is working and playing.

child's play area with toys, puzzles and games organized on shelves
So let’s talk about what works and what doesn’t. The little guy has kinda taken over this half of the studio. And because we’re still doing the preschool homeschool thing, we have lots of educational stuff on these shelves.

The three white bookcases are puzzles and games, the white cube shelf is curriculum, and we use the Ikea Trofast for all things engineering. Smarty Parts, Tinker Toys, etc. We also have an entire rolling cart full of interlocking blocks organized by color.

shelf with science and building supplies, art materials and manipulatives
As far as the mess on top of the Ikea Trofast, I don’t even know. It needs to go somewhere, though. I just haven’t quite figured out where.

baskets of craft supplies in front of shelf with kids science and building supplies, art materials and manipulatives
And of course there’s the Ikea Flisat Children’s Table, which the little guy and I are both head over heels in love with. Oh, and the same 10-drawer rolling cart that every homeschooler in America has, right?

kids play area featuring pretend kitchen, sensory table with stools, and bookcases filled with puzzles and games
The little guy’s space probably won’t change much, but the sensory toys and the other children’s table will be finding a new home outside and I’d like to reorganize all of his books too. As it stands, there are books scattered throughout the entire studio.

child's table and chairs in front of cube book shelves
I decided it was time to commit to really doing something about the situation, so I ordered a rather large cube shelf and we’ll use it as well this small one to create a sort of home library.

16-cube organized in original box on craft room floor
We’re not going to get into how long it took my pregnant self to put this massive thing together. Lol… Needless to say, my husband had to help with standing it up and pushing it against the wall.

This shelf and the small one are now perpendicular to one another and separating the little guy’s space from mine, which actually makes for a really awesome room divider. You know, since this space is all kinds of huge at 12ft x 24ft.

craft room with wooden table and chairs and several shelves filled with supplies
Moving on to my half of the studio, you just kinda have to excuse the mess. This is what happens when you’re remodeling. And it just goes to show how easy it is for things to get totally out of control.

I’ve always loved this wire rack. It holds so much. We found these fun metal locker baskets a few years ago and of course I also keep all of my Iris cases and paper holders on this shelf as well.

And I’ve been debating what to do with the table and chairs for years, but it keeps ending up back in the studio. #notsurprised

desk workspace with laptop, printer, and digital cutting machine
One thing I will say is that, at least around here, horizontal spaces tend to turn into messes and I have to constantly stay on top of things. This table and my standing workspace are perfect examples.

craft workspace cluttered with supplies
When all is said and done, it really is just a matter of deciding what you actually need on your workspaces. Of course my Copics and my mixed media + art journaling supplies are kept out. The tray of Project Life stuff and even the washi tape can both be stored elsewhere.

All of my bible journaling supplies are organized on the white rolling cart under my workspace and scraps are in the two Iris containers.

wire shelf filled with projects and planners
Next to the wire rack is this cube storage unit. I seriously need to just start over with it. Lol… It’s overflowing with my art journals and planners and the little guy’s projects too.

And last, but not least, these black wire shelves are where I store everything else.

wire shelf containing baskets filled with packaged embellishments
The pink and black baskets are full of embellishments. Of course you can see my albums below those. The bottom shelf, which you can’t see in the picture, is a random assortment of old photos, gift wrapping supplies, etc.

variety of baskets and bins containing supplies on the floor in front of craft workspace
And let’s not forget about all the things that don’t really fit anywhere else and get pushed back into this corner when the little guy and I are taking photos for activity posts. You know what they say, right?

wire shelves containing baskets of mixed media and art journaling supplies
These pink and black baskets are full of art supplies. Stamps are below them. And the bottom shelf is blank canvases, Project Life core kits, and ephemera. In front of that, you can see my sewing cart. My sewing machine is of course on top of it and the wire baskets are full of fabric and ribbon, fiber, & thread.

baskets, bins, and rolling carts filled with supplies on the floor in front of craft workspace
The Ikea Raskog cart is full of Thickers and letter stickers and has been for as long as I can remember. It’s another one of those things that the little guy and I are both head over heels in love with. So much so that we got him a similar cart of his own.

Now that y’all have had a tour of the studio, let’s talk about what’s working and what’s not.

What Works vs What Doesn’t

What Works

  • The little guy having his own space in the studio
  • Ikea Raskog cart filled with Thickers and letter stickers
  • The furniture pieces that we’ve bought for the little guy
  • Iris cases that I’ve been using to organize scraps

What Doesn’t

  • All of the clutter that’s accumulated in this space
  • Not being able to actually use my workspaces
  • The absolute disaster that is the cube storage unit
  • Almost every cube, shelf, and basket needs organized

Having identified my so-called problem zones makes it a lot easier to put together a to-do list for this challenge, which you can see below. Keep in mind that this is a working to-do list. What that means is that I’ll be adding things and checking them off on a daily basis.

My Creative Space To-Do List

Planning Your Creative Space

  • Do a quick rearrange and reorganize of the little guy’s space
  • Organize all of the little guy’s books
  • Move the sensory toys and the other children’s table out onto the deck
  • Clean off all of my workspaces

Paper + Projects

  • Sort through the little guy’s toys
  • Decide how I want to organize patterned paper
  • Organize my wire rack
  • Take a few minutes and check out the scrap situation


  • Sort through each of the pink and black baskets full of embellishments
  • Find a permanent home for all of my washi tape
  • Do a quick once-over of my small embellishment jars

Tools + Supplies

  • Sort through everything that’s in the wooden organizer on my desk

Pocket Pages + Planners

  • Find a permanent home for my Project Life tray
  • Organize all of my Project Life core kits

Art Journals + Ephemera

  • Go through everything that’s in the cube storage unit
  • Sort through the little guy’s art work and decide what to keep for his portfolio

Mixed Media + Supplies

  • Sort through each of the pink and black baskets that are full of art supplies
  • Reorganize all of my spray inks and make sure they all work
  • Sort through Copics and mixed media + art journaling supplies that are on my workspace
  • Wipe off masks and templates and check binder rings

Ideas + Inspiration

  • Do a quick once-over of my personal Pinterest boards

All Things Digital

  • Organize digital photos on my laptop
  • Clean camera equipment
  • Make sure that all photos are backed up

Jewelry Making + Metal Stamping

  • Organize beads into clear screw-top containers

Sewing, Quilting, & Yarn

  • Sort through sewing cart
  • Wipe off sewing machine

Wrapping Things Up

  • Decide whether or not to get rugs for this space
  • Sand and paint the table and chairs

Like I said, make sure to take lots of time this week and start working through the process of planning your creative space. This week is definitely one that counts.

If you’re going to slack off this week, you may as well just give it up. Without a clear plan in place, you’re going to end up with even more of a mess than what you started with.

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