Counting Coins Easter Basket Activity for Little Kids

collage of counting coins activity images with text: Counting Coins Easter Basket Preschool ActivityThere are so many skills that are really important for little kids to learn, but of course finding play-based ways to teach them can be a bit of a challenge. I thought it’d be fun to kinda mix things up and do a counting Easter basket activity for little kids. And you know what? The little guy had a blast with this!

counting coins sensory bin with cookie cutters, plastic eggs, and pretend coins
Then again, what’s not to love about filling plastic eggs with shiny coins? Um, hello! This is the kinds of activity that’s a total homeschool mama win. Little kids love filling things up and dumping them out and of course they’re learning about counting too.

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We did this as a cooperative activity, but it would be really easy to use number stickers to label the plastic eggs and then double check your preschooler’s work after the fact.

preschooler holding half of plastic egg in each hand
If you’re interested in putting together your very own Counting Coins Easter Basket Activity, then definitely keep reading.

Counting Coins Easter Basket Activity for Little Kids

What you’ll need

  • Activity Tub or other small container
  • Easter Grass
  • Plastic Eggs
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Bright Idea Coins*

Here’s how to do it

  • Cover the bottom of the Activity tub or other small container with the Easter grass.
  • Add the plastic eggs and cookie cutters. If you’re interested in making this more of an independent activity, you can use number stickers to label the plastic eggs.
  • Toss in the Bright Idea Coins. You could use any plastic coins or tokens for this activity. These are just the ones that we already had.

Since the whole point of this activity was to work on our counting skills, I gave the little guy a number and asked him to count that many coins. We worked through the numbers 1-10 and then it was time to have some fun.

preschooler opening plastic egg
He spent quite a bit of time filling up the eggs and dumping them out as well as dropping the eggs through the cookie cutters. Like I said, this is the stuff that little kids thrive on. We totally wouldn’t survive without lots of open-ended sensory play around here.

child sitting on floor exploring counting coins sensory bin
And let’s be realistic, there’s also a bit of novelty with plastic eggs. After all, Easter only comes once a year. In a few weeks, all of this stuff will get packed away again until next year.

preschooler adding coins to plastic egg
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collage of counting coins activity images with text: Math & Reasoning Easter Basket Sensory Activity

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