3 Awesome Color Mixing Activities for Little Kids

Here are some great color mixing activities! Your preschoolers will explore important art and science skills and of course have lots of fun in the process! You’re definitely going to want to check out these 3+ Awesome Color Mixing Activities for Little Kids!

We’ve been having lots of fun with color mixing lately and I thought I’d share a few of our favorite activities.

collage of color mixing activities with text: 3+ Quick & Easy Color Mixing Activities for KidsColor Mixing is great both as an art project as well as a science activity for preschoolers. It teaches so many important concepts and of course it’s all kinds of magical for little kids to create their own colors too.

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What a great way to combine art and science! Using the scientific method to predict what’s going to happen when they mix two or more colors together and problem solving skills to get the color they want as well as comparing and measuring as they’re creating new colors.

Color Mixing Science & Nature STEAM Investigation Station
We loved this Color Mixing Science & Nature STEAM Investigation Station. It was for sure a cool way to learn about color mixing! Pun intended. Lol… We started with colored ice cubes that we made using food coloring* in the three primary colors and practiced mixing them together to make secondary colors.

Inventing New Colors w/ Food Coloring & Water
Inventing New Colors with Food Coloring and Water was one of my little scientist’s favorite activities. We still occasionally do this and my toddler classroom love it too! We used our plastic beakers* and colored water to invent our own colors. And of course it’s another awesome activity that could be done indoors or even outside.

Color Mixing Rainbow Sensory Bags for Little Kids
And last, but not least, this fun Color Mixing Rainbow Sensory Bags for Little Kids was quick, easy, and mess free. You know, because after all that’s every homeschool mama’s dream. For this activity, we used clear plastic bags* and tempera paint to explore color mixing. We actually did this one again recently with baby girl and she loved it too!

I hope that you and your little kids enjoy these awesome color mixing activities!

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collage of color mixing activities with text: Color Mixing for Little Kids

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