Free Printable Christmas Drawing for Kids

Build important skills with your kiddos this holiday season using these engaging and hands-on Christmas Drawing for Kids worksheets. These drawing for kids worksheets are perfect for your creative little learners! 

Christmas Drawing Worksheets with text: Christmas Theme Free Printable Christmas DrawingI’m so excited to share these new printable Christmas Drawing for Kids worksheets with you. These pages are perfect for getting creative with your little learners over the holidays at home or in the classroom.

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Kids can practice drawing skills, build self-confidence, improve their writing skills, and have a lot of fun with these Christmas drawing pages.

This Christmas, your kids can learn to draw Santa, his sleigh, and the jingle bells with these printable drawing pages. Plus, there are lots of ways to incorporate these printables into your lesson plans!

Keep reading to discover all the fun your little learners can have with these holiday drawing pages.

Christmas Drawing for Kids in the Classroom

Teaching kids to draw helps them develop important cognitive skills like focus. When your kids learn to draw, they are also learning to write and think creatively. They’re developing better hand-eye coordination, analytical skills, and learning to communicate their own ideas.

Drawing is a lot of fun for kids, but it’s also a really important learning tool you can capitalize on in your lessons. Don’t confine drawing to art lessons, instead use it to help kids communicate what they’re learning and reinforce lessons in a variety of subjects. 

I’ve added space to these Christmas drawing for kids pages to add writing. Little learners can use this space to practice writing letters, numbers, or completing copy work. Older kids can get creative by inventing short holiday stories to go with their drawings.

It’s a great way to practice creative writing, sentence structure, and spelling with your kids over the holidays.

How to Draw Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree drawing would make a super cute holiday craft this year! I’ve included a page just for creating your very own Christmas tree.

After drawing a tree, kids can tell you about their favorite ornament, how they would decorate a tree for their bedroom, or invent a story about a Christmas tree that comes to life in the space provided at the bottom of the Christmas drawing for kids page.

Then, extend the lesson by learning about evergreen trees and the history of Christmas trees with your kids in The Solstice Evergreen: History, Folklore and Origins of the Christmas Tree* by Sheryl Ann Karas. This beautiful picture book will teach your little learners about the origins of the Christmas tree and its significance in a variety of countries around the world. 

Santa Drawing Activity

Why not make a Santa drawing for Christmas to include in your letter to Santa? You can even use these printable Christmas drawing for kids pages to write your letter to Santa right underneath your child’s picture of the big guy. 

It’s a great way for kids to practice letter writing and using the proper format for letters. Plus, kids will get really excited about writing their own letters to Santa complete with a creative Christmas drawing too.

Don’t forget to mail your letters to Santa! The United States Postal Service has a North Pole Post Office you can mail letters to and receive a response. That’s the perfect incentive for getting reluctant writers to give this Christmas drawing and letter their very best effort.

Create a Christmas Ornament Drawing

This printable Christmas drawing for kids page will give your little learners an ornament keepsake to show for their creative efforts. Christmas drawing for kids is a fun way to celebrate the season with family and friends.

You can use these printables to encourage all the kids at your holiday gathering to get creative and make some memories to share.

Then, have the kids work together to invent a holiday story about all their special Christmas ornaments. Finish the evening by reading the story aloud to parents and grandparents for an extra special treat you’ll all remember for many years to come.

How will you use these Christmas drawing for kids pages in your classroom or homeschool? Share your plans with everyone in the comment section, so we can all get some great ideas for Christmas.

Christmas Drawing for Kids

Free Printable Christmas Directed Drawing Worksheets

Includes 10 directed drawing printables with generic writing prompts. Keep reading for ideas to use these printable activities with your little kids.

Here are a few ideas to get your kids started:  

  • Candy Cane – Write a story or poem about your favorite candy cane flavor.
  • Christmas Light – Write a story or poem about decorating your home for the holidays.
  • Christmas Tree – Write a story or poem about decorating the Christmas tree with your family.
  • Jingle Bells – Write a story or poem about a fun holiday tradition.
  • Ornament – Write a story or poem about your favorite holiday ornament.
  • Poinsettia – Write a story or poem about spending time with family during the holidays.
  • Santa – Write a story or poem about visiting Santa.
  • Sleigh – Write a story or poem about your holiday wish list.
  • Stocking – Write a story or poem about finding something unexpected in your stocking.
  • Wreath – Write a story or poem about making your own holiday decorations.

These Christmas Directed Drawing printables are perfect for homeschool or distance learning.

The directed drawing prompts are meant to encourage creative thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills which are important for little kids.  

A lot of the ideas involve imaginative thinking, so be sure to encourage your little kids to be as creative as possible. 

Preschoolers and kindergartners can dictate their story to you while older kiddos can write their own. 

These directed drawing printables also work well for copy work. Write the story your little kids dictate to you on the printable, then let them use their very own special composition notebook to draw the picture, create a scene, and then copy their story. 

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Thanks so much for downloading this resource from The Keeper of the Memories! I hope you love using it with your little kids as much as I loved creating it with mine!

Christmas Directed Drawing with text: Christmas Theme Free Printable Christmas Drawing

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