Alphabet Notebook Preschool Worksheets

Check out this fun, interactive alphabet notebook for your little kids! These Alphabet Notebook Preschool Worksheets are no prep and feature lots of adorable clip art for preschoolers or kindergartners to create their own interactive alphabet notebook. You’re for sure not going to want to miss it!

Alphabet Notebook Preschool Worksheets with text Alphabet Notebook Alphabet Notebook Preschool WorksheetsThe little guy and I have been having lots of fun lately. And of course one of the projects that we’ve been working on is an alphabet interactive notebook. These Alphabet Notebook Preschool Worksheets made the process of putting it together so quick & easy.

It’s as simple as printing the alphabet preschool worksheets, cutting out the letter pictures, and gluing them into a notebook.

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These alphabet preschool worksheets focus on letter recognition and letter sounds. There’s one page for each letter of the alphabet, which includes coloring, tracing, and writing the letter as well as the interactive notebook portion that gives little kids the opportunity to create letter collages.

We’ve been making ours on cardstock so that we can eventually put them in a binder in order to create a really cool alphabet notebook. We’ve printed the entire pack and we’ve been working on the letters in the order we’re learning them, but these alphabet notebook preschool worksheets are versatile and you could totally use them in lots of different ways.

My Preschool Alphabet Interactive Notebook

There are 26 worksheets included in this pack.

This alphabet interactive notebook was created for use in my preschool classroom and includes one page for each letter of the alphabet.

Alphabet Notebook Printable Letter A Alphabet Notebook Printable Letter B
Each page includes coloring, tracing, and writing the letter as well as an interactive notebook portion that allows little kids to practice their fine motor skills by creating alphabet collages.

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Don’t limit yourself or your little kids to just the pictures included. Let your preschoolers find words in other places too or even create their own!

You could of course put together a fun notebook in a number of different ways. Some ideas include using a composition book or even cardstock in a binder. The possibilities are endless!

Letter Activities Preschool Worksheets with text: Alphabet Notebook Letter Activities for Preschoolersa – apple, airplane, ant, alligator

b – ball, button, bee, balloon

c – car, cat, crab, carrot

d – duck, dinosaur, dollar, door

e – envelope, elephant, egg, eagle

f – fish, flower, firetruck, feather

g – grapes, glasses, gorilla, gift

h – house, hat, hippo, hammer

i – igloo, ice cream, iguana, ice cubes

j – jellyfish, jam, jeans, juice

k – key, king, kangaroo, kite

l – leaf, ladybug, lemon, lollipop

m – mitten, mouse, monkey, mailbox

n – nest, needle, nail, necklace

o – owl, octopus, orange, ostrich

p – pig, pot, porcupine, popcorn

q – queen, quarter, quilt, quill

r – rainbow, rocketship, robot, rabbit

s – sun, seashell, sailboat, snake

t – tie, tiger, tractor, tree

u – umbrella, unicorn, uniform, utensils

v – volcano, vase, vegetables, vacuum

w – watermelon, whale, worm, well

x – x-ray, xylophone, box, axe

y – yarn, yo-yo, yak, yam

z – zebra, zipper, zoo, zucchini

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My Alphabet Interactive Notebook Preschool Worksheets

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