Alphabet Clip Cards Matching Capital Letters to Lowercase Letters

These alphabet clip cards are a fun and engaging printable that can be used to build pre-reading skills with preschool learners. These colorful clip cards are quick & easy! Just print, laminate, and cut! All you’ll need are a few clothespins and you’re ready to have lots of fun with your preschoolers & kindergartners! 

Alphabet Clip Cards Matching Capital Letters to Lowercase Letters with text: Preschool Clip Cards Alphabet Clip CardsI’m excited to share these new alphabet clip cards with you. Clip cards are one of my favorite ways to practice new skills with little learners. They’re great for kinesthetic and visual learners and they don’t require much prep on my end.

Just print and go with these easy alphabet clip cards! Don’t you just love easy learning tools?

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One of the best things about clip cards is that they are so versatile. There are so many ways you can use them! With the cards in this set, you can practice matching uppercase alphabet letters with lowercase letters.

It’s a great way to help little learners make the connection between the different forms of each letter. For example, most preschoolers learn to recognize uppercase letters first.

However, the letters we see most often when we read are lowercase letters. Therefore, it becomes important to know the letters in both forms and be able to switch from one form to the other easily in one’s mind.

To practice identifying both upper and lowercase forms of the letters: print these fun cards, grab some clothespins, and get started! Just clip your pin to the lowercase form of the letter which matches the uppercase letter at the top of the card.

Out of clothespins? You can use paper clips or even small candies like m&ms to do the job. Voila! Your preschoolers are making connections and having fun while they get ready for reading.

Keep scrolling to get your very own alphabet clip cards today! 

Alphabet Clip Cards Matching Capital Letters to Lowercase Letters

Alphabet Clip Cards Matching Capital Letters to Lowercase Letters

Get your Alphabet Clip Cards Matching Capital Letters to Lowercase Letters here

Alphabet Clip Cards A-D Alphabet Clip Cards E-H
Includes letters A to Z, matching capital letters to lowercase letters.

Alphabet Clip Cards I-LAlphabet Clip Cards M-P
Each page includes clip cards that can be cut apart and laminated. These alphabet clip cards are quick & easy to prep and lots of fun for little learners! 

Alphabet Clip Cards Q-TAlphabet Clip Cards U-X
Get yours today!

Alphabet Clip Cards Y-Z
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Matching Clip Cards with text: Preschool Clip Cards Matching Clip Cards

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