52 Weeks to an Organized Workspace – Stickers & Rub-Ons

organized rub-ons and stickers with text: How to Organize Stickers & Rub-Ons

Hope y’all had an awesome week. This mama got knocked on her you know what from a crappy stomach bug, so the little guy and I basically spent our weekend in bed, which also explains absolutely nothing getting done this week. Lol…

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Welcome to week 11 of the 52 Weeks to an Organized Workspace challenge. This week we’re organizing our stickers and rub-ons. If it’s on a sheet and it’s not a letter, let’s figure out what to do with it. Are you with me?

Do you organize your stickers & rub-ons together or separately? I organize mine separately. Stickers are in my Raskog cart behind my alphabet stickers. Rub-ons are on a binder ring. Why keep them separate? I only use stickers for scrapbooking and rub-ons for mixed media & art journaling. I almost never use them together. This is where knowing your style helps. Stickers are loosely organized by color and rub-ons are loosely organized by brand.

Side note: One huge reason why these types of things are so easy for me to organize is because I purposely don’t have too many of them. I buy them, more or less, as I need them and stay away from accumulating stickers & rub-ons just for the sake of having them.

stickers and rub-ons hanging from a binder ringDo some brainstorming and take some time to think about how you’re going to organize your stickers & rub-ons and then get to it. Don’t forget to share before and after pictures.

If you’re struggling, take a look at these amazing ideas. Hopefully, you can find something that inspires you.

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A Paper Towel Holder With Page Protectors Attached By Binder Rings from Shighla’s Blog

Do you have an awesome idea for organizing stickers & rub-ons, leave a comment and share.

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Just to review, here’s your to-do list for this week.

1. Answer the question of the week.
2. Decide how you want to organize your stickers & rub-ons.
3. Buy whatever supplies you need to and get started.
4. Share before and after pictures.

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