5 Mistakes To Avoid When Organizing Your Craft Space

A few years ago, I shared the 5 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Organizing My Creative Space. Needless to say, that post has quickly become number one. I’m talking hundreds of thousands of page views. Clearly, I’m not the only creative mama who needs a little bit of help with this.

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The struggle is real, y’all! I mean, how could it not be? There’s just something about craft stores and new supplies, right? Today, I’m here to share 5 more mistakes to avoid when organizing your creative space. Check them out on the next page!

5 More Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing Your Craft Room

And while we’re on the subject… If you’re curious, here’s the original 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Organizing Your Craft Room post that went viral.

Have you made any of these same mistakes?

Letting things pile up here, there, and everywhere

I’m all kinds of serious about this one. It never fails. I bring something home, put it somewhere, and it just ends up staying there. It’s not intentional. I think it might be a product of my circumstances.

I work full-time. I have the little guy. I’m pregnant with baby girl. Basically, I’m just in survival mode at this point. If you’re like me, try using a  basket for things that need put away.

Not cleaning off my main workspaces between projects

This one’s actually kinda hilarious. The horizontal spaces in the studio have totally become somewhere to stash all the things. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but y’all know how it goes.

I clean off the table and toss everything on my workbench or clean off my workbench and throw it all on the table. Either way, it’s not exactly productive. It definitely might be about time to add more shelves in the studio.

Overthinking things when it comes to purging

Ugh… Purging. It’s every creative mama’s worst nightmare. What do you keep? What do you pitch? You’re probably sitting there thinking, “But I spent a lot of money on all of these supplies that I never use!”

Yep! Join the club. We all did. If you’re not using it, get rid of it. Otherwise, it’s just taking up space.

Not completing one organizing task before starting another

This one really needs no explanation. It’s exactly how the studio floor became such a disaster in the first place. And empty containers? They’re everywhere.

Is it even possible to be a creative mama and not have at least a dozen or so projects in the works at any given time? I can’t even wrap my head around the possibility. Sometimes a planner really is the way to go. I especially like this planner*.

Thinking there’s no reason to label anything

As a general rule, I hate labels, but apparently, they’re a necessary evil in the organizing world. And while I haven’t gotten around to labeling all of our various baskets and bins yet, it’s definitely on my list of things to do.

This mama actually went out and bought a label maker*. Can you believe it? Now to figure out exactly how to make said labels and get it done. You know, because unfortunately, things don’t just organize themselves.

What were your biggest mistakes when you organized your creative space? Leave a comment and share.

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