4 Awesome Ideas for Sharing Your Creative Space With Your Kids

Are you trying to organize your craft room? Are you struggling to figure out how to create a space for your little kids in the process? When you’re sharing your craft room with kids, things can get tricky! Use these 4 awesome ideas to master the art of sharing a creative space with kids.

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I’d like to introduce you to Sara. She’s a very special friend of mine and of course a creative mama too. Today she’s joining us to talk about ideas for sharing your creative space with little kids. I’m so excited for her to be here! 

When my sister discovered that she was pregnant, she talked a lot about how their baby would fit into their schedule and into their lives. She was convinced there wouldn’t be much change.

She was determined that my niece wouldn’t “take over.” Having had my first child the year before, I laughed to myself and waited for the inevitable.

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As most moms know, sharing a house with children involves a constant struggle to keep their many things from overtaking the house. “Who knew babies came with so much stuff!” my husband used to say. It’s true, the gear, the toys, the tiny clothes… It takes up a lot of space!

shared craft room featuring a wooden table and chairs as well as a child's table and chairs
This struggle doesn’t stop once they start walking and talking either! As crafty mamas know, sharing your creative space with kids can present some unique challenges. 
Sharing the space where you imagine and create can be very rewarding if you take advantage of these 4 tips.

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Sharing Your Craft Room with Kids

Be Prepared

Set up interactive spaces and inviting tools to keep kids engaged. If your children have creative prompts and fun tools displayed in an inviting space, they’ll be more likely to create than destroy (read: make a mess of your supplies or color the walls).

There are so many ways to do this. Child-sized tables, washable markers and paints, and kits made just for kids are some great ways to get started involving your child in the creative process. Consider process art activities for your children that focus more on art as a process than the look of the finished product.

Anticipate Messes and Failures

It’s equally important to be prepared for the inevitable messes and failures. Mentally preparing yourself helps mitigate the stress of sharing a creative space with children. Your mindset about sharing the space will make all the difference. If you think it will be terrible, it probably will be.

Nothing ruins a day faster than losing your cool over a mess that could have been avoided by thinking ahead. Remember, at the end of the day there’s no sense crying over spilled milk.  The process and the quality time spent creating are more important than the end result.

Go Vertical

This tip is especially important if you are sharing a space with very young children.  Consider vertical shelving and storage to keep your favorite supplies or expensive tools out of reach. Also (as many teachers have discovered) locked supply cabinets can be a Godsend whether you’re sharing the space with preschoolers or teenagers.

Another way to “go vertical” is to use high tables for ongoing projects.  Keeping your work-in-progress out of reach and safe from little hands can save you from heartache and help keep your kids safe.

Work Together

Don’t forget that sharing a creative space with children doesn’t just have to be about storage needs.  The best part of sharing space is sharing your passion with your children by inviting them to participate in projects with you.

Plus, it’s a great way to help them develop their own creative passions and share quality time as you create something arguably more important: memories!

Remember, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about the prospect of sharing your creative space with children, planning, and preparation you can do more than just make it work.  You can work together with your children to create something truly special. In the end, your space might even become the heart of your home.

child's play area with book shelves, table and chairs, and baskets full of toys
What do you think? Leave a comment and give us your take on sharing your creative space with little kids.

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