12+ Awesome Scrapbooking Ideas & Hacks That Creative Mamas Definitely Can’t Live Without

If you’re feeling a little bit less than inspired lately, check out these 12+ Awesome Scrapbooking Ideas & Hacks That Creative Mamas Definitely Can’t Live Without! This post is full of tips & tricks. Whether you’re looking for scrapbook ideas for beginners or DIY scrapbook ideas, you’re not going to want to miss it! Check out these awesome scrapbooking ideas & hacks today!

collage of 12x12 scrapbook layouts with text: 12+ Awesome Scrapbooking Ideas & Hacks that Creative Mamas Definitely Can't Live WithoutIt’s crazy to think that I’ve been scrapbooking basically since I was a teenager. We’re not going to get into how many years that’s really been, but it’s all kinds of crazy how much things have changed.

Years ago, I remember buying lots of books from our local craft store when I was searching for scrapbooking ideas. And to think that these days you’re only a few clicks away from more scrapbooking ideas & hacks than you’ll ever be able to use.

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Today I thought it’d be tons of fun to share some of my favorite scrapbooking ideas & hacks with you. You know, because the next best thing to actually scrapbooking is reading about it. Am I right?

I don’t know about you, but I can totally get lost in craft blogs for hours. And speaking of getting lost in craft blogs, this post is a long one, so don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable!

Here are 12+ Awesome Scrapbooking Ideas & Hacks That Creative Mamas Definitely Can’t Live Without.

Scrapbooking Ideas

12x12 scrapbook layout featuring embellishment clusters1. Embellishment Clusters Are Where It’s At

You can use basically anything to create embellishment clusters. I love to use a mix of die cuts, washi tape, and enamel dots. Either way, embellishment clusters create interest and, especially when used in threes, create a sort of visual triangle that draws your eye to the photo.

And of course, let’s not forget that embellishment clusters add dimension to your pages and projects.

You’ll most likely want to lay out everything that you intend to use and move things around until you’re happy with them. I definitely wouldn’t glue things down until you’re sure.

Another thing that I sometimes do is use an EK Tools Powder Tool* to deactivate the adhesive on anything that’s a sticker so that I can manipulate it more easily and not tear what I’m working on if I change my mind.

2. Make Your Own Scrapbook Kits

If you’re looking to save money and inspire yourself, then making DIY scrapbook kits is definitely something to consider. I remember back in the day buying monthly kit club subscriptions (side note: we’re not even going to get into how many of those kits still exist), but my handmade kits have been used and loved to the point of being nothing more than scraps.

And when I went to a crop a few years ago, it was so easy to just grab a few and go. Since I had put them together entirely on my own, I could be confident that I would have everything I might need.

I have a very specific formula that I use for putting together scrapbook kits using supplies that I already have and I even included free printable instructions, so you’re definitely going to want to check it out.

How To Make Your Own Awesome DIY Scrapbooking Kits Using Supplies That You Already Have + Free Printable Instructions

12x12 scrapbook layout featuring the use of printed journaling3. Use Printed Journaling if You’re Not Crazy About Your Handwriting

Alright, y’all! Confession time. I hate my handwriting. Everyone else loves it, but for whatever reason (and quite possibly just because I’m a bit of a perfectionist), it drives me crazy. I totally go out of my way to avoid writing on my pages and projects.

Now there’s for sure a fine line with that. You do want to (I’d almost go as far as to say need to) use your own handwriting sometimes.

Why do you scrapbook? Who are you scrapbooking for? If the answer is in any way, shape, or form for your kids or grandkids, then use your own handwriting at least sometimes.

They’ll appreciate having that little piece of you. But you don’t have to write everything by hand. Seriously, though. I starting typing my journaling and printing it onto solid cardstock. I cut it into strips, added some fun doodling, and then used a tape runner to adhere it to my layout.

12x12 scrapbook layout featuring journaling hidden behind patterned paper tab4. Hide Lots of Journaling Using Tabs

If you’re still not convinced that occasionally using your own handwriting is the way to go and/or you have lots of journaling, hide it! I bought a We R Memory Keepers Tab Punch* for exactly this reason. I’m a really wordy person.

Like no doubt, right? And sometimes I get a little carried away, so I started writing whatever I wanted to say on a journaling card, adding a tab, and hiding it behind some of my layers.

Sometimes I make it obvious and label it, but I’ve also been known to keep it a surprise. I guess when my little kids are all grown up and they’re going through their albums, they’ll stumble across lots of fun journaling that they never knew existed.

This is also a great technique if you’re making a more artsy page and want to add some discreet journaling. Or for that matter, if your journaling is a bit more on the private side.

12x12 scrapbook layout featuring memorabilia in a pocket made from patterned paper5. Make A Pocket for Your Memorabilia

When my husband and I were working on The Studio Project, we accumulated lots of really cool memorabilia. Think paint samples and floor plans and things like that. When I started working on that album, I was looking for a unique way to display those items on my pages.

That’s when I decided that I would make a pocket for my memorabilia. I basically use the same technique as when I  hide journaling, only adding adhesive around the edges.

Another little tidbit that I picked up when I working on that album was to add screenshots. If you look carefully, you can see the inspiration board that I created via Pinterest.

I also occasionally screenshot conversations that I want to remember. I find those items a glimpse into what our lives are like right now and who knows. Our grandkids and great-grandkids may never know the Facebook and Pinterest of today.

12x12 scrapbook layout featuring lots of layers of patterned paper6. Layer It Up

Layers and layers and layers. For sure! The other thing that you’ll see on just about all of my pages and projects are layers. Lots of them! And not just layers of patterned paper either. Peeking On this layout, you’ll see several layers of patterned paper, a journaling card with a tab, and a bit of mesh too.

Basically, anything I can add to create texture is the goal. I know that some scrapbookers don’t like to add lots of layers and texture to their layouts because they don’t fit as nicely into page protectors, but the extra bulk doesn’t really bother me.

I keep all of my scraps just for this purpose. I have two Iris Scrapbook Carts* full of scraps organized by color and this is usually the first place that I look when I’m creating. I also toss in other odds and ends that would work well for layering too.

You know, tissue paper, vellum, and sometimes even small fabric scraps. Basically, if I think that it might work well to create texture and interest, I keep it. Sometimes it’s things that you wouldn’t normally add to your projects that make the perfect finishing touches.

12x12 scrapbook layout featuring the use of torn paper for texture7. Use Torn Paper For Texture

This one is an extension of what I said about layering, but I almost always tear paper instead of cutting it. I also tend to distress the edges a bit. If you remember way back when, you could buy a Making Memories Distressing Kit* and as crazy as it sounds I still have it. And use it too, for that matter.

I love the frayed edges of torn paper and of course, inking the edges is another wonderful way to add dimension. Heck, occasionally I even sand the corners of photos.

Distressing your pages and projects is my personal preference and not everyone likes the way it looks, but if you do, it’s a quick & easy way to add texture. Of course, let’s not forget being one more set of techniques to add to the list of options.

The possibilities are endless for how to use torn paper and distressing to add texture to whatever you’re working on. And just think, you can take the idea and adapt it in whatever way suits you and your scrapbooking style.

8. Get Messy with Mixed Media

Do you notice a common trend among the majority of my pages & projects? I am seriously head over heels in love with mixed media and I take every opportunity that I can to get messy. There is no end to what you can do!

It’s a rare thing these days that I don’t stamp or ink or mist everything I possibly can. One thing to keep in mind if you’re doing things mixed media style is to let everything dry completely between layers.

I literally batch backgrounds, making at least a half-dozen or so at a time. I generally start with white cardstock, a mask, and at least one color of spray mist. Once it’s completely dry, I add some stamping and occasionally splatter a bit of paint too.

I have a basket of Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Rubber Stamps* that are kept out specifically for this purpose. They’re designs that work well for this particular here, there, and wherever type of technique.

12x12 scrapbook layout featuring vintage ephemera as embellishments9. Don’t Forget the Ephemera

Do you love the vintage look, but have a hard time incorporating it into your layouts? Try using an Ephemera Pack* to make it easier on yourself. You can get them at craft stores or even on Amazon or Etsy.

A few years ago, I bought a ton of ephemera and I’m still working my way through it. I use ephemera for layering and sometimes I even fussy-cut a few pieces to use for embellishment clusters.

You can also include items from your everyday life. Imagine ticket stubs, packaging, and book pages. Years from now, when our grandkids and even great-grandkids are enjoying our scrapbooks, I’m willing to bet they’ll be just as intrigued by today’s ephemera as we are by the ephemera from years past.

I make a point of saving lots of odds and ends from things that we do and buy that will hopefully end up on my pages eventually. And if not, I suppose that baby girl can use it all for her own projects. Lol…

12x12 scrapbook layout featuring a single photo of a newborn baby boy10. Highlight a Single Photo To Make It Really Pop

This is the first picture that I ever took of the little guy and of course the first layout that I ever made for him, which means that it has a very special place in my heart.

If you’ve been around for a while, then you know that we’ve struggled with infertility for years and that both little kids are miracles from God. The little guy was the one who made me a mama, which is something that I never thought I’d get the opportunity to be.

For this page, I highlighted the photo with my title and embellishments. Literally, everything except the tiny embellishment cluster at the top of the page is anchored by the beautiful newborn photo of him. I was also very intentional when I edited this picture. I made it a bit brighter than I normally do and printed it in color.

As much as I love black and white photos, I very much feel that sometimes color is the way to go. Don’t forget to pay attention to how you crop your pictures. That alone can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your layouts.

12x12 scrapbook layout featuring a gold title and embellishments to make it sparkle11. Make It Sparkle

If you want something to stand out, make it sparkle. And for sure if that’s what you’re trying to do, glitter and/or metallics are the way to go. I’m not particularly crazy about loose glitter or even metal leaf, but I’m all about glitter or metallic Thickers and letter stickers.

They’re just the right amount of glitz and glam. I’m willing to bet that you could probably find some really cool packages of embellishments too!

If you’re using glitter and metallic, don’t overdo it. A little bit goes a long way. I tend to only use sparkle for titles and the occasional embellishment but obviously, everyone has their own style, so be sure to do what works for you.

Experiment and try different things. That’s what’s so awesome about scrapbooking. You get to express yourself creatively on your pages and projects.

12. When it Comes to Your Stash, Use It Or Lose It

So many scrapbookers (and even just creative mamas in general) fight the idea, but when it comes to your stash, use it or lose it. I’m not saying get rid of everything because after all part of the fun of being creative is having a stash.

But let’s be realistic, if you’re shopping just for the sake of shopping and your input is far exceeding your output, it might be time to take a step back and reevaluate your goals.

Basically, you need to find a balance. You want to have enough supplies that you’re inspired, but not so many that you’re paralyzed. A while back, I shared a post that talks about this concept at length. If this is something that you struggle with, then definitely check it out!

The #1 Reason Why You’ll Never Get Your Creative Space Organized + What You Can Do About It

That about wraps it up, y’all! 12+ awesome scrapbooking ideas & hacks that creative mamas definitely can’t live without. Hopefully, you found at least a few things that inspire you whether you were looking for scrapbooking ideas for beginners or just some fun new DIY scrapbook ideas.

Do you have any scrapbooking ideas & hacks of your own? I’d love to hear them! Make sure to leave a comment and share!

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