12 Amazing Craft Room Organization Hacks to Help You Get Organized Quickly & Easily

Do you have too much stuff and too little space? Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with trying to organize your craft room? It happens and I’m willing to bet there aren’t too many of us who haven’t been there and done that.

collage of craft supplies with text: The Best Craft Room Organization HacksAfter all, that’s why we’re always rearranging and reorganizing. We’re constantly finding new and better ways of doing things… or in this case, organizing things. Check out this post for 12 Amazing Craft Room Organization Hacks.

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Craft Room Organization Hacks

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a perfectly organized craft room. You have all these supplies and no real idea of what to do with them.

Maybe you go to the local craft store and buy a bunch of new containers or even start making lots of piles on the floor but never do anything with them.

Either way, if you’re trying to figure out exactly how to get your craft room organized, you need a plan.

Scrapbook organizing can be a tricky subject and sometimes we need to think outside the box to find something that truly works for us.

Keep a basket or bin near your workspace.

I love decorative baskets! Use them as a place to temporarily contain all the clutter on your desk until you have time to put it away. Your desk will be clean and your space will look less cluttered overall.

Make an inspiration board for your craft room.

You can save ideas for anything and everything organizing-related using Pinterest. If you prefer to actually have an inspiration board in your creative space, you can definitely do that too.

The possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter how you save your ideas and inspiration, just make sure you do.

Keep an updated craft room shopping list.

Keep a list of what you need and want for your creative space. You never know when you’re going to think of an idea that’ll make all the difference and/or find something on sale for a price you absolutely can’t pass up.

Experiment with your room layout on paper.

Before you actually go through the hassle of reorganizing and rearranging your creative space, experiment on paper. Make sure the changes you want to make work for you and your space. Your back will thank you later. I usually grab a graph paper pad* and sketch everything.

Are you actually using your scraps?

If you are, that’s awesome. If you’re not, don’t waste your time trying to organize them. Scraps are one of the first things I go for when I’m working on a page, but that isn’t always the case for everyone.

Organize patterned paper horizontally or vertically.

When you really stop and think about it, there are only a few ways to organize patterned paper. You’re of course going to store it horizontally or vertically and you’re either going to sort it by color, by collection, or by category.

It probably makes the most sense to do a combination of all of these. Don’t think you have to pick one. Do what works for you.

Decide whether to keep kits together or break them apart.

Do they inspire you or paralyze you? You definitely want to think about how you scrap before you decide how to organize your patterned paper.

Does it make more sense for you to keep them together or break them apart?

Don’t overthink solid cardstock.

Paper organizers* and Iris cases* work great for this depending upon how much of it you have. This is also a good time to consider what constitutes a scrap. For me, anything less than 12×12 is stored with my scraps, but the answer to that question might be different for you.

Find a system for organizing projects in progress.

I’m willing to bet we all have a few too many projects in progress and kits. How are you keeping track of what you’re working on? I use a set of wire storage cubes and a weekly checklist to organize my projects in progress.

All of my kits are in 13×15 Clear Zip Lock Bags and are stored standing up in large baskets, so I can flip through and find exactly what I’m looking for.

Choose a versatile storage option for alphas and numbers.

Alphas and numbers could mean anything from raw chipboard to Thickers. Take an inventory and then find a solution that works for each different type.

I store all of my raw chipboard in large galvanized steel bins because I rarely use it. All of my Thickers and letter stickers are in my Raskog cart so that I can keep them close to me when I’m working.

Pick a system for stickers and rub-ons that works for you.

Stickers and rub-ons can be a nightmare to organize. There are usually multiple colors and more than one category per sheet. I keep very few sheets of these on hand at any given time.

The few sheets of stickers I do have are in my Raskog cart and the few rub-ons are on a jump-ring with my mixed media & art journaling supplies.

Organize die cuts by color, collection, or category.

If there’s one supply that’ll trip you up and make you question your entire organizational system, die cuts are it. This is another thing that I intentionally have very little of and the ones I do have just get tossed in a dish on my workspace.

You can organize die cuts by color, by collection, or by category just like you organize patterned paper.

If you’re interested in a printable list of these 12 craft room organization hacks, I’ve totally got that covered too!

Do you have any tips & tricks of your own? Don’t forget to leave a comment and add to the list.

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More Ideas for How To Organize Your Craft Room:

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