Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


document the bump: 37 weeks.

i'm a few days late - sorry about that! too much going on lately...

how far along am I? 37 weeks.
weight gain? still 146 lbs.
how am I feeling? acid reflux - that seems to be the constant through this entire pregnancy. also, sore - my entire mid-section feels like it was run over by a truck, which means i'm back to sleeping on the couch again - anything to get some relief... i'm also fairly certain he managed to find my sciatic nerve - that's not necessarily a good thing.
what am I thinking? mostly, how "afraid" I am of l&d - I can't wait to meet the little guy and yet i'm completely and totally petrified of everything leading up to his grand entrance.
what am I eating? anything w/ cheese... no surprise, right?
cravings? vanilla milkshakes...
what am I looking forward to? don't laugh, but I was telling tim that I was going to buy him this cute little burlap pillow w/ his birth stats on it - simple pleasures in life, no doubt. lol...
how's the little one doing? he's my now "term" 6lb. 10oz. "more than a bump," atleast that's what they're estimating right now... yay! keep growing, little guy!
what's on my to do list? finish getting the house cleaned up before I do go into labor - hello nesting instinct! are you still there?
baby gaga says? "As far as their internal organs go, your adorable poop and blood factory has reached "term" - a medical term that means your sweet little bun is birth-ready and labor is welcome and normal at this point."

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  1. You look MARVELOUS, girl - in the home stretch now. Couch sleeping will be over soon - XOXO


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