Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


studio sunday: hello from an unfinished corner of my living room - my new scrap space! before & after (2014)...

I spent some time this weekend putting together a new space in the living room. I couldn't handle everything being scattered everywhere - it was driving me insane. here's what it looked like before I started...

all of the tupperware boxes are full of supplies that I packed before I started putting together a space for the little guy - it was all the "overflow" from when I cleaned out my studio...

I've been dragging stuff downstairs for days now. still have some things I want to bring down, but... it's a start, right? lol...

it's definitely far from aesthetically-pleasing, which is really hard for my ocd personality, but... here's to hoping it works...

our downstairs is unfinished - it's actually partially gutted...

the biggest advantage to that? I can spill as much paint/ink down here and make as big of a mess as I want w/o getting into trouble, atleast in theory. lol... the biggest disadvantage is that everything, more or less, needs to be kept in plastic or some other type of closed container because of how much dust is down here w/ the remodeling...

we won't even get into how many times I've vacuumed over here already - I put a 6x8 rug down and dh stapled it to the unfinished wood floor, so... the dogs are all for it... I still have to get another curtain rod and put the other black curtain up, but it definitely looks better than the plastic. now, how often am I going to have to dust? lmao...

basically, I now have an l-shaped scrap space w/ approx. 12ft. of workspace. go me! the overall dimensions of this corner are left side - 8ft. and right side - 11.5 ft.

the left side will, more than likely, end up being "clean work" - sewing and scrapbooking...

the right side will be "messy work" - mixed media & art journaling and, ofcourse, the small table for plife.

here's to hoping this corner isn't too terribly difficult to keep clean.

have you scrapped in an unfinished space? leave me a comment and tell me about it!

have a great week!


  1. Great (so much better than exercise equipment!

  2. Glad you got it all straightened out. And good luck with keeping "messy work" on just one side! LOL Happy crafting.

  3. Nice to have everything in one space. The plastic bins are a good idea to combat the dust!

  4. Nice and well organized. I love the blue of the bins -- very cheerful. Happy creating!

  5. That is so awesome you have a craft space! I don't have a craft space, or even a large flat surface to craft/scrap on. I normally have to spread out on my bed, which means I have to clean everything up when I'm done, otherwise I have to sleep with my supplies. And when I have things that need to dry? I have to balance them in weird places--on shelves on top of books, on stacks of jewelry boxes, squeezed onto my nightstand. So your space is a dream!

  6. Nice!!! Feels good to have an organized craft space huh!!!

  7. That looks fantastic and so fun! Happy creating!!

  8. Have fun creating in that new space, that's a big (fun!) change from before :D


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