Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


document the bump: 22 weeks.

I was looking at the project life baby kits last night. I couldn't decide between the neutrals of the baby edition and the blues of the baby edition for him, so I let dh pick one - he picked the baby edition for him, so... it looks like that's what we're going to be using for the little guy's first album.

how far along am I? 22 weeks.
weight gain? 126-127 lbs. overall, I've gained 7 lbs. since my last ob appt.
how am I feeling? still having good days and bad days...
what am I thinking? a certain someone had to go and tell me that the amy tangerine plus one collection was on sale for 25% off - did I really need the entire line and then some? how many albums can I possibly make with just that one collection?
what am I eating? lunch is still almost always the hotdog shoppe - a chili cheese dog, cheese fries, and a sierra mist... 
cravings? at this point, i'm snacking on cinnamon toast crunch right out of the box. lol...
what am I looking forward to? getting back to scrapbooking - I've been really distracted lately with operation downsize. I wanted to get things in some sort of logical order around here, so I could scrapbook as I was working through my to do list.  
how's the little one doing? apparently, in spite of the fact that I feel crappy, he's textbook-perfect, atleast as far as they can tell - his heart rate is normal and he's measuring where he should be, so... i'm, ofcourse, really thankful for that.
what's on my to do list? packing away the last few things that are left in his room.
baby gaga says? "Congratulations! You’re now housing a human who weighs nearly a pound and measures nearly a foot in length!" go me, right? lol...


  1. Very awesome! :D I loved being pregnant (many, many, many moons ago). It was exciting and fun but mostly, I just loved feeling the little guy moving around and kicking. It was so incredibly amazing to me. Still is. Chili Cheese dogs??? Oh man, nope, I could not have done it. LOL Oh no way. But I had to have a hamburger with mayo and thousand island dressing, pickles, american cheese every night at 6 p.m. The craving would hit and I had to have it!!! And peaches at 3 a.m. Blessings to you and all beautiful and happy blessings to you and your little bump, Bird

  2. First of all, I see you've become a follower of my blog. Welcome. Second of all, I'd really like to go lunch with you. Sounds delicious!


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