Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


document the bump: 21 weeks.

another week down...

how far along am I? 21 weeks.
weight gain? 122-126 lbs.
how am I feeling? we won't go there. suffice it to say that I lost some of my time in st. louis to being sick and I haven't felt much better since I've been home, so...
what am I thinking? i seriously need to finish getting things cleaned up and organized around here and start making a list of what i need to buy for the baby. i haven't even finished unpacking yet.
what am I eating? I made a point of going to the st. louis bread company twice over the weekend. i really wanted quiznos too, but by the time i landed at pit, they were closed. it's pathetic how disappointed i was. lol...  
cravings? the strangest craving thus far is cheese popcorn and yoohoo. don't ask me why...
what am I looking forward to? the little guy being full term and out of me. partially, because I want to meet him, but also because I've had enough of this being pregnant thing already.  
how's the little one doing? everything seems fine. back to the ob next week, so...
what's on my to do list? finish up with operation downsize.
baby gaga says? "We're smack in the middle of trimester two and you're in the full swing of baby-growin'." it's amazing to think that the little guy is really only about 1/8 of the size he'll be at birth.


  1. I really didn't have any strange cravings that I can remember. I was as big as a house though, and other than a nasty pinched nerve in my back, I felt fabulous throughout. I was pretty tired during the first trimester in both pregnancies, but not sick. So tired in fact, I nearly severed my fingertip with a knife, and ended up having to get it sewed back on. Bad memories there.

  2. I can understand why you want to be done!!! I just couldn't wait to meet my little beans either!!! I hope that you are feeling better soon lady...hang in there!!! And I will pop by for the party this Saturday!!! Nicole

  3. How fun to document the stages of your pregnancy...your little guy will really appreciate that someday, and I'm sure it'll be fun to look back for you, too! Your baby bump is so darling!


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